Gore Vidal: The United States Of Amnesia

Highly entertaining…a fine memorial to one of 20th-century America’s most brilliant, original — and cranky — thinkers
— Variety
For sheer entertainment value, few docs can equal Gore Vidal the United States of Amnesia by Nicholas Wrathall, a portrait of the novelist, playwright, polemicist, public intellectual.
— Huffington Post

No twentieth-century figure has had a more profound effect on the worlds of literature, film, politics, historical debate, and the culture wars than Gore Vidal. Anchored by intimate one-on-one interviews with the man himself, Nicholas Wrathall’s new documentary is a fascinating and wholly entertaining portrait of the last lion of the age of American liberalism.

Commentary by those who knew him best—including filmmaker/nephew Burr Steers and the late Christopher Hitchens—blends with footage from Vidal’s legendary on-air career to remind us why he will forever stand as one of the most brilliant and fearless critics of our time.

Gore Vidal’s professional life spans more than 50 years of American politics and letters. His return to America in 2005 marked the last great stage in his creative career and this film represents an extraordinary opportunity to share his view on America in the twenty-first century. Featuring candid vérité footage of Vidal in his final years, the film explores his enduring global impact on art, politics, and everything in between. His overview of the current state of the Republic and the health of US democracy is unique and incisive.

This is Gore Vidal’s last word and testimony.

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Kimberley Project

The world-famous Kimberley region is under threat, with mining and big agriculture driving an unprecedented land grab. What will be left of over 200 remote Aboriginal communities? 

Kimberley Project investigates what is happening in an area now branded “the future economic powerhouse of Australia,” and what this means for traditional owners, traditional lands and unique Indigenous cultures.

This is a distinctly Australian story, but international in scope. In 2015 the Kimberley Land Council’s trip to the UN went viral and led to protests around the world. As the fight against the Dakota Pipeline becomes an international campaign, questions of Indigenous rights in the contemporary moment demand answers.

Between ecological uncertainty and the race to tap natural resources, who gets to define what meaningful negotiation looks like? What is the path to social justice for first peoples in 2017?




A new wave of Australian music is making a huge splash on local and foreign shores with breakout artists like Jagwar Ma, Chet Faker and Flume.

The young Flume in particular is taking the electronic music scene by storm recently winning a Grammy for Best Dance/ Electronic Album 2017. This makes him the first Australian artist to win a Best Album Grammy since the Bee Gees.

This explosive music driven documentary will open a window into this community of Australian artists and introduce the family that runs things behind the scenes. The Future Classic record label was started by husband and wife team Nathan and Jay in their Redfern home and they were soon joined by childhood friend, Chad. 

Future Classic are not trying to write hits, they just like good music that happens to be popular. As a small label and management company punching above its weight, this is inherently a story of the changing face of the music industry - Fc. embody a different approach, veering away from the traditional methods of major label Goliaths.


SIA: TV is My Parent

TV Is My Parent is the first video release by Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler, released in May 2009 through Starbucks' record label Hear Music. The album features a live concert recorded at the Hiro Ballroom in New York City in 2007, four music videos and additional "behind the scenes" footage. 

The DVD was released following Sia's previous studio album Some People Have Real Problems (2008) and Live from Sydney EP, released digitally via iTunes also in May 2009.

TV Is My Parent earned Sia the 2009 ARIA Music Award for Best Music DVD



In 1996, the US Congress passed sweeping new immigration laws resulting in the mandatory detention and deportation of thousands of legal permanent residents and asylum-seekers. The new legislation also greatly expanded the types of crimes for which legal residents must be detained and deported. The laws were also made retroactive. As a result, legal residents and asylum-seekers are currently being held in jails across the country creating a multimillion-dollar industry in the detention of immigrants. 

ABANDONED illustrates the most recent wave of anti- immigrant sentiment in the United States. Through a close look at the personal impact of new immigration laws, this film depicts the severity of current detention and deportation policies. Lives are changed forever, as legal residents find themselves being torn away from their American families and sent to countries they barely know. For political asylum seekers, dreams are put on hold, as they are kept for years in county jails that profit from their incarceration.